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The festival will take place in Nijmegen this year, a town in the Netherlands close to the German Border.

This year there will be several locations close to one another.

Two of the locations, De Onderbroek and De Klinker are situated in a social centre called De Grote Broek

Another location is 3e Wal

The outside location(s) we will keep a secret for now….

See you all in Nijmegen!!!

<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>3 days of anarchy on wheels!

Probably there will be a possibility to put your tent up or to arrange sleeping places otherwise. Contact us at diybikefest at puscii.nl to be sure of a place to stay!

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  1. Mikael Hägg says:


    I´m gonna bike from Sweden (Gothenburg) heading south towards Portugal and I think it would be nice to attend this bikefest. I´ll bring my tent so it would be nice if there´s a small place for me to raise my tent :)


  2. rolle says:

    an alternative to evil map sites: http://www.openstreetmap.org/

    ok, I admit, I knows not every detail like house numbers, but it’s Opensource instead of evil!
    (it also provides bike maps!)

  3. shireen says:

    The correct address is Hellingweg 127, 2583 DZ den haag!

  4. Andrea Hjalmarsson says:

    I’m, like Mikael, cycling from Gothenburg heading south (France instead of Portugal though) and also wondering about the tent-issue. Is there a possibility to raise a tent?

    / Andrea

  5. admin says:

    Yes – as it says above there is a space where people can put up their tents !!

  6. gansman says:

    yeah dudes!!!

    were coming around to play our show with SHORT. and do some circlecyclingmoshpits…and will show u whats up with german bikepunx;) from road to dirt, from oldschool to high end, from downhill to hillclimb… we are the bikes!!! hihaaaa

    see ya guys!!!!!

  7. smerf says:

    We try to join you (depend the wether), two person, we’ve a tent


  8. tijnz says:

    mochten er mensen 2012 bikefest willen organiseren, in augustus, dan heb ik een vette lokatie ervoor, inclusief een goed gesorteerde hoeveelheid onderdelen,wielen,bnden,frames, grote feestruimte met podium en evt geluid, parkeerplek, gereedschap, ruimte, logeerplek, grote keuken, centraal gelegen,maar niet in woonwijk, gratis maar beperkt houdbaar i.v.m. ontruiming per 1 september…..

    te mooi om waar te zijn?, niet voor niets heet het Lucky 13!

    interesse? mail me (snellll) tijnz@yahoo.com

  9. Amazing Alex says:

    Hey Tom, thanks for your kind words man!

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