Info/request for all who come to bikefest

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Hi Everybody,

Thanx for coming to our lovely festival!

We want to inform and ask you the following two things:

We have some sleepingplaces arranged but as we don’t realy have an idea how many people are comming we would like to ask everyone who has contacts/friends in Nijmegen if they can arrange sleepingplaces with them. For everyone who wants the sleepingplaces we have arranged, please bring your own mat/matrass and sleepingbag.

Second we ask you all to first come by our infopoint in the Klinker (see below) before going to the rest of the festival. At this infopoint you can find all the info about the festival you need, you can sign up for games and tasks to help out and we can get an idea how many people are there so we can cook enough delicious vegan food for you all…

If you have more questions please post them below because we still have some trouble with our email.

De Klinker: Van Broeckhuysenstraat 46


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Did you ever think of welding a shopping cart to your bike? Now it’s your chance to actually do it!

The bike fest is back, and already for the fifth time! It’s so much fun we just can’t stop with it! And we’re not alone – the four past festivals have proven that there are enough people ready to pool together their tools, knowledge and enthusiasm and create a couple of days of bike utopia each year.

Last year the bike fest hit a bit of a rough spot. The moment the police and the city officials of Utrecht saw us rolling, they started hating. In fact they were hating so much that they did everything they could to stop the festival from happening, even evicting the squat that was supposed to host the event! But we didn’t let it stop us. Instead an improvised version of the festival occupied a local park for a day of bike games and much fun was had by everyone. It doesn’t get much more DIY than that!

This year we want to continue the tradition of celebrating DIY culture and sharing our two-wheel (or three-wheel) obsession together. And we need your help! So all you bikepunks, alley cats, easy riders and lean mean cycling machines – come and join us!

This year’s festival will once again give you the opportunity to:

Work & learn. There’ll be bike wrecks, parts and tools at your disposal, and plenty of people to lend you a hand should you need it!
Have fun. Cargobike race, bike wars, tall bike jousting, alleycat race, bike polo… Anything and everything that includes a bike!
Have more fun. Bike-themed films, vegan food, concerts (with bikepit!) and more.

So be prepared, and be warned:

It never gets easier… You only go faster!

The DIY Bikefest is a non-profit festival organized by volunteers. Bike parts are recycled, tools and equipment lent by people who want to contribute. So please respect that. Any profit made will either go towards organizing next year’s festival or be donated to other DIY groups.

Note that we do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, authoritarian and/or self-righteous behavior.

DIY Bikefest Benefit: Nijmegen goes Amsterdam

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Ook dit jaar zal er weer een DIY bikefest gaan plaatsvinden en wel eind september (27-29) in Nijmegen.
Aangezien het festival vorig jaar niet geheel is doorgegaan door toedoen van de Utrechtse politie (meer info zie elders op deze website) hebben we opnieuw een startkapitaal nodig. Vandaar dat als benefiet de Nijmegenaren Amsterdam onveilig komen maken…..

Because we had some problems last year we need some new startup money for the bikefest. So we are giving a party at the OCCII with bands and DJ’s from Nijmegen and food cooked by some of the Nijmegen peoples kithcen chefs…

Er zal eten zijn in de MKZ gekookt door Nijmeegse koks.

En daarna Nijmeegse bands en dj’s in de Occ InIt

ook is er een cocktail bar




Lubbert Das


DJ Arvin…. Dance till you drop!

Dj Anita de Killer….. Goed fout! ;-)

Dj Modderpunk…… Electrified!

Bikefest 2013!!!

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We are on again for this year!!!!  Dates 27th-29th of September. Place: Nijmegen

Bikefest is dead, long live bikefest/Bikefest is dood, lang leve bikefest!

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Bikefest is dood, lang leve bikefest!

Morgenmiddag om 14 uur organiseert bikefest een bikepicknick in het Griftpark in Utrecht. Een rustgevende middag vol bikegames, workshops and reparaties, Dus haal je oma’s oude barrel uit de schuur of kom op je super hipster fixie, pimp die shit stelletje patsers.

Dankzij onze vrienden van de Grachtenloop die morgen de straten vrij van auto’s rennen gaat de geplande criticall mass niet door. En hebben wij fietspiraten een dagje vrij om onze skills te laten zien in het skatepark.

Dus komt allen, bring vrienden. And ride with us. There will be soup!!!

We willen iedereen bedanken die ons de afgelopen dagen hebben gesteund met hun hulp, gastvrijheid en support om dee dag nog mogelijk te maken.

Dus: Zondag 30 September ? 14 uur Griftpark, Utrecht

Ga toch fietsen!! (platte banden geen excuus)


Tomorrow at 14h bikefest organises a bike picnic in the Griftpark in Utrecht. A nice afternoon full of bike games, workshops and repairs. So bring your grandma’s old rusty rider or super hipster fixie and pimp it up and show off you posers.

Thanks to our friends of the grachtenloop that will be running the streets free from cars, our planned critical mass will not happen. So we, the bikepirates have a free day to show of skills in the skatepark.

Come all, bring friends. And ride with us. There will be soup!

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us the last few days and offered their help, hospitality and support for making this day possible.

So: Sunday 30th of September / 14h Griftpark Utrecht

Ga toch fietsen!! (flat tires are no excuse)

Here a small update

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Bikefest can’t be at the old location at Maarssenbroeksedijk 9, we lost the court case against the eviction so we had to leave.

But the bikefest weekend is not over yet! Later this afternoon there will be an update of what we are still going to do.


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yesterday there was an inspection by the fire brigade and today the cops came by to say the place was unsafe to live in and they are going to evict the place as 13:00 today. Any help moving stuff of the people who live there and of bikefest will be realy apreciated!!!

statement on indymedia (in dutch):

press release about the attempt to shut down this website (also in dutch):

Bikefest 2012!!!!

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29 – 30 September 2012

Ga toch fietsen!

Yes, it will happen again this year: The DIY Bikefest!

Organized already for the 4th time, the DIY Bikefest’s is a perfect mix of serious politics and some serious fun. Gearheads of all sorts will be brought together by this event built of solidarity, respect, tireless volunteer work and a whole lot of bike oil.

This weekend will be for bike punks, bike freaks and lunatics on two wheels. For adrenaline addicts, seekers of positive destruction (we’ve got two words for you: BIKE WARS!) and the laughing spectators of this rolling madness. For enthusiastic newcomers who want to see, learn and experience themselves what it feels like to build your own cycling circus in just two days. In short: for you.

for more info check whatwherewhen??

The end.

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pfff, that was this years bikefest again! Between all the hard work we had fun. Thanks everybody for making this possible.

Of course now you are looking for pictures and video’s. Unfortunately I don’t have them. So anyone with interesting footage that is posted somewhere: let us know!

And see you next year!

Today more bikefun

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So, though it’s raining, we have enough space inside for the bikefun!

There were two well visited workshops today, and many people building bikes in the workspace.

At 4 there will be a Bakfietsrace, including some nice obstacles and barriers that will need very good manouvring skills.

At 7 dinner by Water en Brood, the bio vegan restaurant of the Piratenbar.

Then it’s time for tallbikejousting and other fun tallbikesgames (like koekhappen)

The eveningprogram is filled with great bands and dj’s. Noodweer, rammelfietspunx from Groningen, Over the Top with fast and crazy hardcoremadness from Germany and Afonia will deliver powerviolencefrom Russia.! Afterwards DJ Sil play electropunk with an edge , and DJ Susan, with all sounds from the underground and beyond. Yahoo!